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10 Key Questions to Ask Your Financial Planner (FAQ)

When choosing any financial planner, you’ll ideally want to interview and evaluate several candidates to ensure you’ll be working with someone right for you. However, it is probably fair to say that without doing a little homework on the Internet, the average consumer may have no prior experience identifying a credible financial planner best suited to meet their needs.

To help you discern whether I may or may not be the planner for you, I went to the CFP Board of Standards for help. First, they offer a list of questions that a consumer might ask a planner during their initial interview. Then, they provide a brief but helpful clarification for each question*.

I have answered them in this FAQ in anticipation of you asking me these questions. For your convenience, we have divided the FAQs into five groups.

*Ten Key Questions to Ask Your Financial Planner  (At the CFP Board of Standards Website)