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FAQ Group Five - Your Recommendations, Who Else Benefits? Is Your Record Clean?

Could anyone besides me benefit from your recommendations?

Ask the planner to provide you with a description of his conflicts of interest in writing. For example, financial planners who sell insurance policies, securities, or mutual funds may have a business relationship with the companies that provide these financial products. CFP® professionals agree to abide by a strict code of professional conduct and have an ethical obligation to put their interests first when delivering financial planning advice and services.


No one with whom I have a business relationship or referral agreement will benefit from my recommendations.  In street terms, I am neither on the receiving end nor the giving end of any kickback arrangements.

I do not sell insurance policies, securities, or mutual funds for a commission or have a third-party business relationship with companies that provide these financial products.  As an Avantax Advisory Representative, I make every effort to maintain a fee-based compensation model.

Avantax Advisory Servicesâ„  automatically provides a written Conflicts of Interest Statement upon request and with each new Advisory Account opening.

Have you ever been publicly disciplined for any unlawful or unethical actions in your professional career?

CFP Board, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and your state insurance and securities departments each keep records on the disciplinary history of financial planners and advisors. Ask which organizations the planner is regulated by and contact these groups to conduct a background check. CFP® professionals are subject to disciplinary action if they violate CFP Board’s standards.


  • No, I have never been publicly disciplined for any unlawful or unethical actions in my professional career.
  • A written agreement that details the Financial Planning or Asset Management Services will be provided upon the client’s consideration to engage either of these services.
  • A written engagement agreement is provided for income tax preparation or tax planning services.
  • I am regulated by FINRA, the CFP Board and the Internal Revenue Service, Office of Professional Responsibility.
  • I am responsible to the CFP Board, National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) and Kingdom Advisors for maintaining ethical and professional standards of practice.


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