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Professional Money Management

Let our team help manage your money so that you can manage your life.

In today’s complex financial world, investing requires full-time attention. Since you may have many other responsibilities, a solution may be to team up with a professional advisor. This decision may alleviate concerns about handling complex financial matters in today’s rapidly changing economic environment. An ancient proverb tells us, “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers, they succeed.”

What is an investment advisor, and do you need one? -  If you have already answered these questions, you can skip this paragraph. But if you haven’t, then take this short diversion to the web for an informative article written by a journalist for smartassetTM“What Is an Investment Advisor?” (CLICK HERE) After you have finished, return here. The rest of this page may have more relevance to your situation.

Jeff Robinson is an Investment Advisory Representative of Avantax Advisory ServicesSM. He serves his clients as a fiduciary and is ethically bound to act on their behalf to manage their assets with care, good faith, and loyalty. Completing this obligation as a fiduciary should eliminate conflicts of interest concerns and make an advisor’s advice more trustworthy. Accordingly, Jeff takes his relationship with Avantax Advisory ServicesSM and his obligations as a fiduciary very seriously. Through the objective selection of securities and the oversight of Avantax Advisory ServicesSM, Jeff offers a broad range of client-centered investment portfolios.

Avantax Advisory ServicesSM offers a variety of managed brokerage accounts. - Whether you may be young and newly married, have decades of investment experience, or are nearing retirement, we have an advisory platform to meet your investment needs.

  • IMS Gateway
  • IMS Prime
  • IMS Select Portfolios
  • IMS Flex Choice



Regardless of which platform suits your need, all our clients have access to eMoney Advisor®.

eMoney Advisor® is a wealth management platform that allows you to monitor your account, track your progress toward goals, and monitor your cash flow. CLICK HERE for a video overview.


MANAGED BROKERAGE ACCOUNTS may offer the following benefits:

Consolidated management and reporting:

  • Numerous accounts may be managed as one, reducing costs and providing more significant potential for diversification.
  • One report for numerous accounts makes it easier to discern the overall performance of your investment.
  • Simplify tax reporting through consolidated 1099 dividend and capital gains reporting forms.


Portfolio construction to address your personal needs:

  • tax impact
  • time horizon
  • goals
  • investment objectives
  • risk and return balance


Eligible assets may include:

  • stocks, bonds, cash
  • up to 4,000+ allowable funds
  • closed-end funds
  • exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • wrap UITs, CDs, options (only covered call and protective puts)
  • advisory/institutional shares


Account minimums are dependent upon the selected management agreement.


Socially, Environmentally, and Governance (ESG) and Faith-Based portfolios are available.

  • Limitations and minimums apply.
  • Please call Jeff Robinson at Family Financial Services for details. 952.890.6611 


This team works for you.


Jeff Robinson and the professionals at Avantax Advisory ServicesSM form a solid team of seasoned investment professionals, financial planners, and tax experts with the experience and credentials (CFP, CPA, CFA, ChFC, ETC.) to provide investment counsel built on a foundation of time-tested principles.



FFS is on call for you. By limiting our number of client relationships, FFS can provide a high level of personal attention. Additionally, each Avantax Wealth Management account holder has 24/7 access to view their account via their Personal Financial Website at eMoney Advisor



Jeff Robinson offers fee-based account management services. Diversification is critical, and we do not limit portfolio diversification to asset types or classes. We do not restrict the investments within an account to any single financial institution or investment product. In addition, Jeff does not offer any commissioned-based products. Therefore, conflicts of interest are never an issue. 



Investing your resources is generally a good thing to do. Likewise, seeking counsel and consistently making wise investment decisions is a brilliant thing to do. We believe that time-tested principles undergirded with discernment, years of experience, knowledge, and right motives are the ingredients of counsel you can trust. The asset allocation techniques used by Avantax Advisory ServicesSM follow the Modern Portfolio Theory, developed by two Nobel Prize-winning economists.



To effectively manage your investments, we must understand your story.  Everyone has a story, and yours is unique!  So we ask the appropriate questions and then listen very carefully.



The Five Step Investment Planning Process is very client friendly.

  1. Determine the investment objectives and time horizons
  2. Developed the investment strategy
  3. Recommend and implement the portfolio
  4. Provide ongoing advice and portfolio re-balancing
  5. Review the performance report and communicate with your advisor regularly



Your investment advisor will provide you with a direct line to his desk in addition to a support number to Avantax Advisory ServicesSM.

Your investment progress is reported quarterly with easy-to-read color reports. These reports summarize your account history and portfolio performance. Detailed monthly account activity statements keep you informed of all account transactions. In addition,  periodic meetings with your investment advisor will allow him to stay in touch with your life and concerns.

If at any time you want to check on your financial plan or account, your eMoney Personal Financial Website is available 24/7 with all of your information updated daily. Click here to view a short overview of eMoney

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