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Income Tax Preparation

We pride ourselves at being price competitive while offering a unique family service and value that far exceeds our competition.

At Family Financial Services (FFS) the "IRS stress" is eliminated during tax time by helping you meet your income tax filing requirements with confidence.  At FFS you have year-round access to our office, your tax file, and professional income tax counsel.

Many important events and people compete for your time.  Let FFS help you with your tax concerns so that your time is freed up for your family and profession.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority at Family Financial Services.  If for any reason, upon review and delivery at our office, you are not 100% satisfied with your completed tax return or the service we provide, you do not have to accept nor pay for your income tax return. Your income tax return will be completed by a federally licensed Enrolled Agent (EA) tax practitioner.  EAs are empowered by the U.S. Department of Treasury to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for audits, collections, and appeals.

The added value our clients receive goes far beyond just a stapled bunch of completed tax forms typically provided by our competitors.

  • Experience less stress and a sense of confidence. 
  • We offer a special 25% client** discount to our loyal, on time filers.
  • An electronic (pdf) copy of your tax return is available*** at no extra charge.
  • ProtectionPlus™, Professional Audit and Tax Fraud Assistance Services is provided at no additional charge.
  • Review of correspondence from the IRS or state taxing authorities available to clients* at no extra charge.
  • eMoney™, Personal Financial Website. is available upon request at no additional charge.
  • Our clients consider FFS to be a family resource and advisor for financial concerns, tax or otherwise.
  • Service available year around for current tax clients*.
  • Priority tax service is available to Avantax investment clients represented by Family Financial Services.
  • We hold to a very systematic and documented process for completing your return in order to:
    • evaluate your unique circumstances
    • ensure accuracy, timely completion
    • minimize your tax liability
  • All of our tax returns are neatly bound in an ibico® booklet*** for easy reviewing, reference and good record keeping.
  • Current clients* receive a customized Tax Organizer in December.
  • Confidential tax documentation may be submitted and received through our secure portal at SecureFilePro.

As you can see from the value added services listed above, this is not your average tax office. Click the Protection PlusTM and eMoneyTM links (above) for more details!

New client appointment availability: February 1st through April 2nd, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays with limited evening hours are available. For best appointment times, I recommend calling as early as January 22nd.

Our tax preparation fees are typically based on the forms required to complete your return. 

Estimated prices for the basic federal and Minnesota tax returns, are approximately:

  • Basic fee: $153 (no dependents, two W2s)
  • Basic for itemized return: $235
  • Basic return with ANY kind of CREDITS: $300 - $415
  • Basic self employed return with expenses and depreciable assets: $450
  • Rental Property: add $200 per rental unit minimum

Forms for reporting capital gains/losses, interest and dividends or forms to claim tax credits are examples of additional forms which will cause your tax preparation fee to be higher than the basic tax return.

  • The estimates (listed above) are reduced for those existing clients who qualify for the Loyal, On-Time Filer Discount** of 25%.
  • Historically, our fees have been consistently 10% - 30% below those charged by the major national franchises for the same tax return.
  • Please contact us for a no obligation estimate.

We accept all major credit cards.

Fast refunds, by electronic Filing (E-filing) and direct deposit, are available at no extra charge.

***The first paper and pdf copies are included in your tax preparation fee. Replacement paper or pdf copies are available for a fee. The replacement copy fees are waived for tax clients who also have an Avantax investment product or service obtained through Family Financial Services.

**Loyal Client Discount is available to those clients who filed their prior year tax return with us no later than the due date, not including extensions.

*Client benefits are available through 15 April of the year following the year we completed your tax return. Clients who file with us each consecutive year retain benefits from year to year.

Because of our convenient "South of the River" location (One mile from the 35E and 35W split)  in Burnsville,  Family Financial and Tax Services is only minutes away from just about anywhere in Dakota, Scott and Hennepin Counties.