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Aircrew Taxes

As a former federal (civil and military), and commercial pilot I understand the unique income tax filing needs of cockpit and cabin crewmembers.

As an Enrolled Agent and Certified Financial Planner® practitioner I have been trained to recognize and address those needs. I speak your language and understand your unique, ever changing, and demanding work schedules.

And best of all, you can rest assured my office is not a "tax factory" designed to pump out thousands of tax returns between January and April. Each return is completed by me with each specific client in mind as I complete their return. My services are personal and professional. I serve crew members who are either based in or commute from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota. Because I am independent and not part of a national franchise, I am able to offer an excellent value for a price competitive fee. I have been preparing income tax returns for aircrew members since 1992.

Prior Years Unfiled Tax Returns

Life happens and sometimes getting your taxes filed on time, does not. Taking care of those unfiled tax years is not a problem. Your life is stressful enough. Let me help you address those issues and put them behind you!

Amended Tax Returns

Have you touched down at a tax office where you should have executed a missed approach? Mistakes, miscommunications and oversights do happen. No one is perfect. But if you have some errors that you would just as soon have someone else correct, I can help.

Rental Real Estate Tax Preparation

Because of certain aspects of your industry, owning rental real estate is not an uncommon result of changing equipment, seats, bases or even employers. Like some of you, I have owned rental real estate in more than one state at the same time. I know your deductions and how to correctly report them.

Small Business Tax Preparation

If you or your spouse has a small business you have my empathy and admiration! I know it is not easy to be aware of and keep track of all deductible business expenses. Missed deductions can be very expensive. Having someone else prepare your self employment or rental real estate tax return over the internet or completely by mail is unwise at best. Complete and accurate transfer of information is critical. Business clients meet with me and go over their tax documents and records in person.

Divorce and Tax Considerations

I don’t know if the incidence of divorce is any greater in the airline industry but I know it has taken a toll on my life. Because I have experienced divorce, both as a child of divorced parents and as an adult, I have recently taken on this additional specialty in tax preparation and Financial Consulting. Those in a pre or post-divorce situation have unique personal and financial needs and challenges. I can offer guidance and insight from experience and professional knowledge. Please see my web page on taxes and divorce.

State Residency Issues

This really isn’t a state issue. The IRS is very clear on defining domicile and residence. Filing state returns may be confusing to someone who doesn’t understand these terms. If this has been an area of uncertainty for you, you need to find a tax professional that can help you obtain a level of understanding you are comfortable with.