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Perspective, It may be the difference

Perspective. It may be the difference you are looking for.

I don’t claim to be a better financial consultant simply because I’m a Certified Kingdom Advisor. I may be more qualified than some advisors, and I’m sure others are equally or more technically adept than me, but the counsel I give may be different. I believe that I will be held accountable to my maker. Therefore, the motive undergirding my client relationships, the counsel I give, and the products or services I offer is to honor my clients and my Lord. My perspective is to conduct business as a good and faithful steward of all He has placed in my care.

Please allow me to explain.

Fact: a dollar is a dollar, and a share of stock is a share of stock whether the holder is a Christian, of another faith or claims no faith. The difference is not in the investment or belief of the investment holder. The difference is in their purpose. The better I understand your motivation for growing your assets, the more likely I will be able to serve your needs.

Fact: regardless of one’s faith, we all live by and give advice from a chosen paradigm, perspective, or worldview. In my effort to provide full disclosure, I feel it is essential that I let my financial clients know that the source that guides my values is the Bible. I find that most people appreciate this transparency.

Hard work, humble service, and principle-based financial counsel applied to your values are only one of the ways Family Financial Services differentiates itself from others in the industry.

How is Family Financial Services different?

  1. One stop convenience – for most investment*, financial planning* and tax reporting and planning needs. You no longer have to “Consult your tax adviser.” I am he. 
  2. Focus is on the family or individual – from tax reporting to investing*, from tax planning or retirement planning; our specialty is helping individuals rather than medium to large business owners. 
  3. Counsel –Transcendent principles rather than the ever-changing political winds, economic tides, or the latest investment fads guide my financial counsel. 

Year after year, why do our clients return to Family Financial Services?

  1. Relationship – We know our clients, and they know we are here for them.
  2. Confidentiality – Your information remains private. It is never sold or shared.
  3. Community – Mine is a local service, and most of my clients are your neighbors.
  4. Confidence – We hold ourselves responsible and stand behind our work.
  5. Transparency – We disclose our fee rate during account setup and provide dollar amounts paid on your quarterly reports.
  6. Data Security – Your information is held securely and with great confidentiality.
  7. Credibility and Experience – Certified Financial Planner®, IRS licensed Enrolled Agent, 30 years of experience.
  8. Stability – Since my counsel and asset management by Avantax Investment ServicesSM is principle-based, our clients do not try to chase or forecast the market. Therefore, media hype becomes a non-issue.

How do we consistently deliver value to our clients?

  1. My services’ development, delivery, and quality are consistent and assured by my in-house Standard Operating Procedures Manual (SOP) and the Avantax Wealth Management® Advisory Written Supervisory Procedures (WSP).
  2. One of my goals is to achieve (client) spousal unity in every decision.
  3. We maintain supporting industry partnerships and a like-minded, professional referral network.
  4. With guidance from Avantax Investment Servicesâ„  and the Financial Planning Board of Standards, we have developed an exploratory process that considers each family’s or individual’s unique economics, goals, personal needs, and values.
  5. The proprietary process enables us to address the underlying issue rather than apply a short-term fix to the symptom.
  6. We leverage our procedures with cutting-edge technologies and increase accuracy and efficiencies.
  7. Questions are always welcomed and encouraged.
  8. Our reports and documents are comprehensive yet easy to understand and bound for easy storage and future reference.


As your financial advisor, I offer personal, local access to financial management by a national economic powerhouse Avantax Wealth Management ®. I have chosen Avantax because they help me turn taxes into an opportunity. First, I help my clients accurately file their taxes. Second, Avantax allows me to enable my clients to use their tax data for investing. We believe taxes matter.

Offering financial and tax services is unique in the industry and bring more excellent value and convenience to our clients.

Family Financial Services may be a small local office, but that’s a big deal. It took the past thirty years of self-employment to discover and integrate the secret to business success and joy-filled life. Then, about eight years ago, I decided to build my business upon the keys to a love of life: faith, gratitude, and contentment.

I decided bigger was not always better. For example, I no longer pursued the average advisor client list of about 150 to 250 clients. To have such a list would require four times the office space, three times the technology, and two additional employees to service such a list.

Why is this a big deal? Because my clients benefit. They get to have a bigger slice of my professional service and personal attention. When they call, they get me, not a menu of choices, not an assistant to pass the message along, and not some lame recording informing the caller that “golly-gee, we are busier than ever expected, and would you mind waiting indefinitely.” I believe client relations are strengthened by having a local source of personal, knowledgeable guidance rather than an (800) number with a stranger on the other end.

Instead of pursuing the “bigger-the-better” model, I prefer a:

  • highly organized processes
  • high-quality product
  • professional team of specialists at Avantax Advisory ServicesSM
  • principle-based counsel
  • efficient technology
  • transparent fee structure

Which naturally fosters trust and confidence. These leverages enable me to help you to realize a return on your life and your assets, a return on their investments. Wouldn’t you agree?

Besides, with a smaller client family:

  • I’m content with my income.
  • My workload is much less.
  • I have more time to serve my clients.
  • I have more time for my family.
  • My stress level goes WAY down.
  • I have the freedom to accept and retain select clients.

I believe in an ancient proverb that tells us, “Our days are numbered.” So don’t “spend” another without taking these critical steps toward pursuing enjoyable contentment…

  • Be grateful for all you have.
  • Identify your significant life transitions in the foreseeable future.
  • Prepare for them.
  • Determine your alternatives and plan!

Let’s get acquainted and explore your options for making the most of your days. So call us today for a no-obligation, exploratory meeting. I look forward to hearing from you.


Jeff  Robinson E.A., CFP®, CKA®