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Pre and Post Divorce

I hate divorce. I’ve been there and back.

I hate what divorce does to families. I hate what it does to children, parents, grandparents, and inter-family relations. I have been through a divorce both as a child of divorced parents and as an adult. So I know firsthand the effects of divorce on the person and their relationships. It may affect different people in different ways, but they were unfortunate and hurtful events in my life. However, I have survived and have become (among other things) a more patient and empathetic person through God’s graces.


So I can empathize.

Suppose you are facing a pre or post divorce situation. I now know that it is not anyone else’s place to judge either party. Sadly, divorces will continue, and regardless of a person’s financial station in life, there will be economic and tax implications. But, of all the consequences of divorce, the economic and tax effects are relatively insignificant compared to relationships when considered in the big picture and the long term. At least in my opinion.


But for most people.

But for most people caught in the throes of a pre or post divorce situation, money is a connecting link between their past, current, and future reality. After the divorce, you will still need to pay for housing, other bills, credit payment, groceries, and gas for the car. Retirement plans and investment accounts may need to be split and reinvested. Tax returns still need to be filed, pre and post-divorce. In addition, the overwhelming pressure of these financial decisions, the anticipation of child support, alimony, daycare costs, and attorney fees may become points of contention and require complex negotiations.


I can help.

I understand these things. I know that you have choices and negotiations to make. Although I do not offer legal guidance on which option to make, I can;

  1. Help you understand, document, and present your financial situation to support your preferred settlement terms.
  2. Help you understand the terms and long-term implications of the other party’s proposed terms of a settlement.
  3. Help you understand the tax and financial implications of the paths you have to choose from for both pre and post-divorce situations.
  4. Help you file and understand your tax return filing options and consequences before and after divorce.
  5. Help simplify your finances and prepare for future life transitions.

There may be only a few times in your life where credible, wise counsel is more important than now.

To determine whether or not my services may be of value to you, please call to arrange for a no-cost, no-obligation, exploratory meeting.